Studio Policy

Studio calendar

Lessons are scheduled during the school term according to the Victorian school calendar. Casual lessons during the holidays can be organised on an individual basis.

Public holidays

Lessons which fall on a public holiday will not take place, and they will not be invoiced. Lessons falling on a long weekend can be individually negotiated.


The student’s timeslot in the timetable is reserved for the whole term upon receiving payment for lessons. Please choose your time slot carefully as missed or cancelled lessons are not made-up.

Invoicing and payment

Lessons are invoiced in advance by the school term. Invoices are sent out at the end of the previous term and must be paid by the due date indicated. A full term of lessons will be charged, even if the student is away on holidays or other reasons for part of the term.

New students who start part way through the term will be invoiced for the remaining lessons in the term.


For new students starting piano lessons, the first lesson is considered a trial lesson. If the student wishes not to continue, the remaining lessons will be refunded in full.

For new students who elect to continue after the trial lesson, and for continuing students, payments received are regarded as a commitment to lessons for the term and refunds are not provided.

Missed lessons and make-up lessons

Lessons missed or cancelled by the student for any reason, including sickness or absences due to holidays, are forfeited and make-up lessons, credits or refunds are not provided. Exceptions are made for prolonged sickness and extenuating circumstances on an individual basis.

Any lessons that are cancelled or missed by me for any reason will either be made-up, credited to the following term, or refunded in full.

Termination of lessons

There is no obligation to continue lessons beyond the term of lessons paid for in advance. Please inform me by email at the end of the school term, which is when I send out invoices for the following term, if students will not be continuing with lessons, otherwise I will assume they wish to continue. Lessons that are terminated during the school term cannot be refunded.

Contacting me

Feel free to contact me via email, or by phone between 9am and 8.30pm to discuss any issues or concerns (please leave a message if I am unable to take your call). I aim to respond to emails and return calls by the next business day.

Students who are minors should not contact me directly without the permission of their parents. Likewise, any contact from me will be through the parents.


Students who take exams should be aware that it takes a huge amount of effort, determination and stamina. Because of the amount of preparation involved, a weekly half-hour lesson is insufficient. At a minimum, students must take a weekly one-hour lesson.

In addition, parents must be prepared to pay for additional one-off lessons if needed.

Students are entered for exams only when they are fully prepared. This is to avoid the situation where a student has to pulled out of an exam due to lack of preparation which is not a pleasant experience for anyone involved.

Student concerts

Student concerts are held bi-annually. Students are encouraged to perform, but it is not compulsory. Students who choose to perform should be aware that it is a commitment: pulling out, especially at the last minute, is unprofessional and strongly discouraged.

Media release

Photos, videos and audio recordings of students may be posted online or used in promotional materials. Students would be identified by first name only.

Students (or parents) are under no obligation to agree to this. You may indicate your acceptance (or not) on the enrolment form. It is an opt-in system, and photos or videos will not be used without your explicit permission.